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Chili, Moss, Steelblue, Lime- Ortlieb 2015 Product Updates

Here at Ortlieb we are super excited because 2015 is bringing the most extensive product updates we have seen since the foundation of the company. Seriously, there are over 150 new article numbers! What makes these updates more interesting is though we have a record number of changes, we only have a dozen brand new products. This means that most of the changes are to products you already know and love- but don’t worry they are all positive changes!

Here are the most notable changes you should be aware of when shopping for Ortlieb products:

QL2.1 mounting system

Almost all of our panniers have been upgraded to QL2.1 mounting system. The QL2.1 system is based on the proven QL2 system but with improvements made to key features. The upper mounting rail consists of one piece for higher stability. The system allows for the use of extremely flat nuts on the internal side of the bag, creating a level surface to avoid damaging whatever you stuff in your panniers. The lower hook rail reduces abrasions on the carrier and prevents damage to the rack tubing. It is also rotatable to fit your rack as precisely as possible. All hooks are adjustable to the rack without requiring any tools.

New Fabric Colors

All bags made with Plus materials have received a vibrant makeover. The fabric is still made of abrasion-resistant Cordura but in all new colors. The bags are tone on tone instead of the traditional color and black. The color ways are: lime-moss, signal red-chili, denim-steelblue, granite-black. View the new colors here!

The Plus material bags are not the only bags to have a stylistic upgrade; the Packman Pro2 and several of our City & Commuting bags have adopted the new color way as well. The colors now reflect a more modern aesthetic while some, such as lime, are fun, bright and flashy.

Urban Line

The new Urban Line was designed to be a visually appealing, smart detail design and high quality fabrics. Admired in offices, cafes and shops throughout town, these fashionable bags with their aesthetic textile look are ideal for bicycle commuters and recreational riders.

The fabric is PU laminated cordura cotton blend. It comes in two colors Coffee or Pepper. Just like any Ortlieb bag, the material is 100% waterproof. And for the first time ever the Back-Roller Urban is being sold as a single pannier (to be easily paired with the commuter bag).

View the entire Urban Line here!