At ORTLIEB, that is what we work for every day. We want to reinvent ourselves every day and develop products that meet the highest demands.


At ORTLIEB, that is what we work for every day. We want to reinvent ourselves every day and develop products that meet the highest demands.

Waterproof without compromise.

Sewn products were the beginnings of ORTLIEB, when in 1982, Harmut started experimenting in front of his mother’s sewing machine. The seams of the pockets were taped so that they were almost leakproof. However, this type of “waterproofness” proved insufficient for long and intensive use. That is why Hartmut Ortlieb introduced the, what is now-known as, high-frequency welding technology back in 1984.

Only products made with this special technology —including the weld seams— are absolutely waterproof up to 100,000 mm water column. A true technical milestone! For comparison: an average tent has a water column of 10,000 mm.

Discovering, traveling, cycling, being outdoors — that’s where it all started. And that’s what everything revolves around still today…

Adventure and discovering nature responsibly is what ORTLIEB is about. It is the unforgettable moments that we experience on bike trips or hikes that encourage us every day to create the best and most durable products for outdoor enthusiasts. Always 100% waterproof. Always looking for the next innovation for your adventure!

This thirst for adventure is also what motivated Hartmut Ortlieb at the beginning of the 1980s. He wanted to travel, to explore the world and, of course, to have the best equipment for the task. Today, it is still the challenge and joy of sustainable innovations that make your adventure possible, no matter the weather, that motivates us to manufacture waterproof and patented bags and backpacks in Germany. Whether it’s for a bike trip, your weekly errands or the work commute.

We now have 40 years of experience with waterproofing. The production technology isn’t the only thing special about ORTLIEB; a large number of patents are registered every year, and the ideas never run out. The roll closure, with which countless fashion bags and backpacks are equipped today, originally comes from ORTLIEB. Protecting our brand sovereignty in legal disputes against Amazon at the Federal Court of Justice — a snapshot. The development of the ORTLIEB brand is a passion project for many. Many areas of, and approaches at, ORTLIEB are unique, even when long-term employees take them for granted. Case in point: at ORTLIEB everything is located at the company’s only location in Heilsbronn.

Our roots and our future in one place – Made in Germany.

Regardless of language: all over the world, ORTLIEB is the promise of waterproof, long-lasting outdoor equipment. Our bags travel all over the world, but when it comes to their development and manufacture, we consciously choose short distances. All waterproof products are manufactured by us in Heilsbronn, Franconia, because “Made in Germany” is our brand promise for high quality, regional jobs, environmentally friendly production, respectful cooperation and a high level of innovation.

90% of all processes take place “in-house” at ORTLIEB, from design to construction, mechanical engineering, marketing and product management to sales. This way we can continuously optimize the processes and guarantee that every step is as environmentally friendly as possible.

So what are we all about? You!  Keep dry what you love!