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Sweet 2014

There is something about the holiday season and 2014 coming to end that makes you reflect and appreciate all of the ups and downs that the year has brought.

Here at Ortlieb there has been a disproportional amount of ups and we are so grateful for the all growth and excitement that has occurred this past year. I could go on to list all of the highlights of the year but instead I will pick one that I believe is truly special: the re-initiation of Friday Pastry Rides.

As a small company who works less than 20 feet from all team members with open office doors and no cubicles, it is hard to remember that activities outside of the office are an important part of building camaraderie. This August we had two employees join the Ortlieb Customer Service department, Paul a long time bike enthusiast & industry vet and myself (Lisa) new to both the bike industry & serious riding (though I bought my first commuter bike this fall!). With fresh faces and enthusiasm around the office we helped to motivate Ian & Jeff to bring back this sweet company tradition (pun intended).

On Friday mornings we all meet bright and early before work and ride from the office via the Interurban trail to a local bakery in downtown Kent. The ride takes about 40 minutes there and back with a few minutes break spent ogling the delicious French pastries deciding on which to indulge and cancel out all the calories we just burned off. Loading our pasties in an Ortlieb bag we head back to the office in time to change, make coffee and enjoy our treats before diving into the work day. It sounds simple and it is but it allowed us as a team to bond over what is at our company’s core- riding bikes!

Bicycle riding is at the heart of why we all work in the bike industry.  We really love bikes and by re-instating Friday Pastry Rides we were all reminded of the endless positive experiences investing in bike culture can bring.

So here is too more Friday Pastry Rides and growth in 2015! Cheers!