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Duffle RS

There are several light-weight roller duffle bags in the outdoor market today. They attempt to achieve the goal of easy travel when heading on an adventure, but all fall a little short. We can proudly (and perhaps biasedly) say that Ortlieb has made the ultimate adventure-travel roller duffle- the Duffle RS. This bag was the winner of the 2014 European Outdoor Industry Award and soon we expect it to be top choice for retailers and consumers alike.

One of the features that makes the Duffle RS stand out among its competitors is that, like all Ortlieb products, the bag is 100% waterproof. It utilizes 3-d welding (pioneered by Ortlieb) and a combination of PVC-coated polyester and cordura fabric to ensure its water-tight nature. The zipper, which runs the length of the bag, is a TIZIP waterproof zipper. The zipper can also be locked using the integrated wire loop and small cable lock.

The designers paid special attention to the roller function of the bag. They opted for an adjustable grip handle that has plenty of leg clearance for comfortable towing instead of a heaving telescopic towing frame. The bottom is reinforced with foam padding to enhance stability when fully loaded. The industrial grade wheels are 90mm and set in a rigid floor plate made of contoured aluminum for increased floor clearance. It is ideal for both airport terminals and rugged outdoor terrain.

Reading over this, it sounds like a bunch of marketing gobbledygook, but this bag is the real deal. See the chart below for how the Duffle RS compares to other brands. As employees of Ortlieb we are stoked to offer this bag to the outdoor community. Basically, there is no other word but “cool” for the Duffle RS.