Production and Environment


As one of the first outdoor equipment companies we remain committed to a holistic, ecological world view. It is especially important to us to take a considerate and respectful approach to nature. This is why we are continuously implementing ways to minimise our carbon footprint, optimizing our eco-balance and at the same time producing highly functional long-lived products with superior customer benefits. Our “Made in Germany” production, our continuously improving efficiency is beneficial in reaching this target. Our production processes are also geared to conservation of resources taking into consideration the product entire life time including recycling.In addition, we are investing in renewable energies: 100 percent of our electricity consumption is generated from renewable energies, one third from our own photovoltaic plant on the company roof. The CO2 emissions resulting from our gas consumption are 100 % compensated. We are committed to long-term trustful business co-operations with our suppliers in Germany, Europe or throughout the world. Our requirements regarding our suppliers with respect to sustainability and responsibility are defined in our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

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