AIRY by tubus was the first rack worldwide manufactured of titanium. And it holds the world record: It is extremely lightweight with only 360 g | 12.7 oz. (including all mounting components/screws), but easily carries 26.000 g | 917 oz. (including every­thing you need). That’s titanium: lightweight, highly tensile, ex­tremely weather-resistant. The AIRY is nearly indestructible.


  • Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 360g
  • Load Capacity: 26kg / 57.3lbs. *
  • NOTE: *Maximum admissible load capacity for this carrier is limited to 26 kg/57.3 lbs. as ISO 11243:2016 allows mounting a child seat from an admissible load of 27 kg /59.5 lbs. or more. The carrier is not allowed for mounting a child seat and consequently not allowed for transporting children; therefore load capacity has to be limited to 26 kg/57.3 lbs. The carrier was successfully tested according ISO 11243:2016 with a test load of 30 kg/66.1 lbs., however, due to the above-mentioned legal reasons it is only admissible for a maximum load of 26 kg/57.3 lbs
  • Mounting Instructions
  • Dimension drawing
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