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Source Hydration Resovoirs

I always thought that hydration reservoirs were all the same. They all fill water, have a hose and a little valve to suck the water through with the goal of keeping you hydrated while biking, hiking, skiing, whatever. This past weekend I got to test out our Source hydration reservoir while on an 8mi. hike near Snoqualmie. I learned that there are some small technical features that can set one hydration system apart from others.

The Source WXP LP 2 liter hydration pack fit perfectly in my REI flash 18 pack with plenty of room for snacks, neck warmer, gloves, extra socks and my down coat when I got hot. Here are a few features that stood out about the Source Hydration reservoir:

Cap on Mouth Piece
-At first this annoyed me because you have to twist the valve open and uncap it to take a drink. However, if you leave the valve twisted open and just put the cap on it is easy to take a sip of water. Also the cap protects the mouth piece from getting dirty      which is a plus.

Three ways to fill the reservoir
UTA-Traditional way through a twist open/close cap on the side of the reservoir
-Through an opening on top- this deserves a shiny gold star in my books because I  always had trouble with water spilling out the side opening on other reservoirs.
– UTA Universal Tube Adapter (available as part of the Ultimate Hydration System Kit)  allows you to refill the reservoir directly through the tube with have having remove it from your backpack.


The water tasted good 
-This is by far the most important part of any hydration reservoir. Many hydration systems claim that theirs taste the best, but Source’s hydration reservoirs use a PE film that are BPA and Phthalate free guaranteeing a clean water taste!


*Random side note: Hydration systems can still be put to good use when not outside adventuring. I have to give credit to my friend, Mac Hansen, for what he dubbed as “The Hamster Initiative”.  The hamster initiative is simply hanging you reservoir above your bed so that way you always have quick and easy access to water anytime day or night!

Christmas Gift Guide

Here is a breakdown of great gifts for whatever type of rider or adventurist is on your list!

Committed Commuter: Urban line Commuter bag

Okay, technically these are not available until 2015 but this bag is so awesome you can do the thing where you print off a picture of the present and wrap it in a tiny box with an IOU note. The Commuter bag is durable & waterproof for your ride on the city streets and has a sleek aesthetic suitable to carry into the office. Available with Ql2.1 or QL3 mounting system and two different sizes and colors.

Bike Tourer Extraordinaire: Back Roller Classics

No matter how many miles this person has under her or his wheels, a set of reliable panniers is always useful. When you are carrying all of your possessions in bags strapped to a bike, they need to be the best bags you can get. Our back roller classics have been the bag of choice for long distance riders for over 20 years!

Rondonnee Rider: Seat Post Bag

Our seat post bag comes in two different sizes and four different colors to match your riders’ specific needs and taste. The bag is lightweight, has an internal mesh pocket for organization and a bungee cord system on top of the bag that is perfect for strapping a lightweight rain coat. You can read a review of the bag here.

Hiking Nut: Packman Pro2

This day pack is 100% waterproof with a roll top closure, similar to our bike panniers. It is compatible with hydration packs (add a Source pack as a fun stocking stuffer). The Packman Pro2 is large enough to fit extra layers of clothing and snacks and has a waist and chest strap for extra support. Plus it comes in four new colors for 2015 that are available now!

Paddle Sport Guru: Ultra lightweight Dry Bags

The PS10 lightweight dry bag is perfect for keeping the paddlers belongings dry while not weighing down their kayak, canoe, raft, boat, etc. The bags range in size from 1.5 liters up to 75 liters. Whether they enjoy small day trips on the Lake or paddling down the Colorado River you can find the right size for their adventure.

Jack of all trades: Velocity

For the person who has more interests than fingers they can count them on, get the Velocity. The velocity is a simple one pocket, 22 liter bag with padded back. It can be used as small duffle for weekend getaways, carrying a yoga mat & towel, toting books or knitting supplies, a laptop or a journal or all of the above to a coffee shop, can be worn while riding a bike through the city to the local brewery and for anything else “Jack’s” little heart desires. It is a seriously cool and quite useful bag.

Interbike 2014 Coverage

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Thanks to everyone who participated and voted in the contest. Happy Bike Month!

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Alliance for Biking & Walking Photo Contest

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Vital MTB Source Review

We’re thrilled to be distributing Source hydration systems. Adding such a quality line of products allows us to continue to provide the best that the bicycling and outdoor industries have to offer. Vital MTB wrote a wonderful review and highlighted some of the reasons that we love Source products as well. Check it our for yourself, or visit the Source website to learn more!

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